Impact of AI in the education sector

Over the coming days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will vastly impact on the education system worldwide. It alters our perspectives on the present education system. AI will take the present system at a much higher level. It will smooth and expedite the tedious and irritating administrative process of grading essay writing, evaluations, admissions, feedback, etc. We can also say that machine learning is the upcoming stage of education. There are majorly 5 ways in which machines can impact the education system.

1. Personalized learning in schools:-

AI will take care of evaluation the answer sheets, feedbacks, or any repeating procedure of institutions. As teachers will get rid off these tedious process, therefore he could upgrade their teaching techniques to get a better result of students. Machine learning will also help the students in personalized learning by giving them an instant strong and positive feedback of their performance.

2. AI predictions on student’s educational path:-

AI helps tutors in analyzing the student’s performance and strength, which suggest them to teach accordingly. Machine learning will reduce the burden of instructors by teaching the basic fundamentals to students. There are some AI tutoring Softwares like Carnegie learning, Coursera which are easily accessible on the internet. Carnegie learning is an incorporate software company which provides curricula, textbooks and maths learning software for 6 to 12 grades written or designed to align to a common core or integrated pathway. This software helps directly to the students without involving the third person which saves lots of time. AI can also predict the future of student on the basis of their performance. Like if the student is unable to give desired results then AI will analyze his weak point which acknowledges the teacher a point to work on. This feature of AI will make a strong and friendly bond between tutor and student.

3. Automatic grading system

AI unbiased automatic grading system will save children’s future from arrogant, prejudice and biased teachers. This AI grading system brisks the student’s result and expands their expectations in results. Though proofs very helpful for students as well as educators. Till now machines proofs a substitutor of manpower so will also substitute educators somehow. Machines can smartly check the assignments and capture the plagiarism. Like Turnitin which check for the same and also show the area of the field to be edited or needs improvement.

4. Matching students and educators

Machines can analyze the requirements of each and every student and will schedule a doubt session as per the teacher’s schedule. Therefore, the teacher can examine the student’s weaknesses and solve it then and there.

5. Educational Experiment

AI will create a strong and friendly bond between a teacher and a student. Both will get relief at some level so will enjoy more. It will vastly revamp the educational system to a new level than any era. Therefore, many philanthropists are investing in the pupil and a better tomorrow. Most of the people, even teachers think that machines will replace them but it will not. Even no machine can replace a human completely.

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